About Be Fit


What is Be Fit?

Launched in January 2005, Be Fit is Massachusetts General Hospital’s employee wellness program jointly sponsored by The Clubs at Charles River Park and MGH Nutrition and Food Services.  The 10-week program focuses on helping participants be healthier.  Every ten weeks, employees from different departments within the hospital compete with each other as they make their commitment to Be Fit.

Since its inception Be Fit has guided over 200 teams – a total of over 4,500 employees – to a healthier lifestyle by teaching participants how to eat healthier and exercise more with the guidance of registered dietitians and personal trainers.

How We Help

Each participant pledges to attend a 30-minute group meeting and group rally on a weekly basis. Additional commitments include following healthy eating habits outlined in the group meetings and performing no less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 days per week. To help reinforce the commitment, participants are given a ten week membership to the health club and a complimentary Choose Well Eat Well meal from the cafeteria each week.

Through the creation of an environment of wellness at the workplace, participants are supported as they make progress in their personal lifestyle changes such as better eating and increased exercise. This unique support system is made up of colleagues, a dedicated dietitian and personal trainer, and the leaders of the program Cliff Seeto, General Manager of The Clubs at Charles River Park and Lillian Sonnenberg, DSc, RD, Assistant Director for Community Nutrition of MGH Nutrition Services.

Our Goals

While one of the goals of the Be Fit program is a weight loss of 3% for those seeking to lose weight, another major purpose is nutrition and fitness education. Each team’s nutritionist focuses on educating participants on healthy eating habits, such as how to meet daily fiber requirements and read labels. Many team members are starting physical activity programs for the first time in their lives and, working with trainers, they learn how to incorporate strength training in their workouts.

Be Fit now offers many program features to employees who aren’t members of one of the official teams. For example, any MGH employee can purchase Choose Well Eat Well meals from many of the hospital cafeterias, indicating the healthiest options with a green label.